Guitar: The History of the Stylish Instrument. 

Guitar: The History of the Stylish Instrument.

The guitar is a string instrument that is played by fingerpicking the strings of the instrument. The parts of the instrument are classified mainly into the headstock, body, fretboard and the strings. While the strings of the guitar can be in nylon of steel, the instrument is made out of plastic or wood.

Guitar: The History of the Stylish Instrument.

The music that comes out of the fretboard changes depending on the finger positions. The strings can be plucked either with fingers or with a small piece of plastic called the plectrum. Most commonly the guitars have six strings but there are also instruments that have four, seven, eight, ten or twelve strings too. There are largely nine different types of guitars, which are as follows:

  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Electric Guitars
  • Electric- Acoustic Guitars
  • Twelve String Guitar
  • Archtop Guitars
  • Steel Guitars
  • Resonator Guitars
  • Bass Guitars
  • Double-neck Guitars

A guitar is easy to learn and play when compared to many other instruments. The westerners have always employed some or the other stringed instrument at different periods of time. Since the 1950s, most songs that were composed had guitars playing in them. From Rock to Classical, a guitarist can play all forms of music. The frets in the fret board help the player to understand the pitch in which the guitar plays and also helps him set to pitch.


In the 1600s the Spanish word Guitarra later became guitar in English. So the instrument is called the guitar and the person who plays it is called a guitarist. Guitar type of instruments have been in use for more than 5000 years but in different forms and names in different parts of the world. Sitara an ancient instrument from the natives of Asia and India is also very old. The very first guitar instrument belonged to Queen Elizabeth I of England, 500 years back, which can now be found in the museum. Talking about the guitars we cannot forget the legendary makers of Mandolin, who came from Italy. It is also believed to be the oldest string instruments which still exists.

A Man’s Favorite:

Guitars have an aesthetic sense both in terms of its appearance and the music it lets out. The elegance of the instrument gives the player a charisma that no other instrument can match. Though it is not the historical reason, it is now ironically believed that the shape of the guitar is inspired by the shape of a female’s body. Like I said earlier it is not an authentic information. But for some unknown reason, a guitar goes well with a man, while many women find it had to handle and play.

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