Various types of Guitars

Various types of Guitars

A guitar is a string instrument that has been around for almost 500 years now. The first very first guitar was with Queen Elizabeth I of England, which is now in the Royal Pavilion and Museums, London. This string instrument is played by plucking the strings of the Guitar. The headstock, body, fretboard, and strings are the four major part of a guitar. So ‘body’ is the portion that sits on your lap, the fretboard is the place where the strings are attached and then the strings themselves. There are largely 9 different types of guitars, which are as follows:

Various types of Guitars

  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Electric Guitars
  • Twelve String Guitar
  • Archtop Guitars
  • Steel Guitars
  • Resonator Guitars
  • Bass Guitars

Acoustic Guitars:

It is one among the largely used types of guitars, because of its versatile nature.  There are again two different types of acoustic guitars which are steel-string acoustic and the classical guitar. An acoustic guitar will always be a favorite in an ensemble rhythmic chordal strumming and gentle harps. The classical of this kind said to have had their origin in the Spain

Electric Guitars: 

These kinds of guitars are designed for plugging them into the amplifier, when amplified it can give a metallic flavor to it. They are the rigid class of guitars, and its strings are thinner than the acoustic guitars. Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul are the two popular designs in electric guitars. There are also guitars that produce music combining the effects of both the acoustic guitar and the electric guitars and are called electric-acoustic guitars.

Twelve string guitar: 

There is not much of a variation between normal six string guitar and a twelve string guitar, apart from the number of strings. The second sets of strings correspond to their counterparts in the first set. It is used just like the six string guitar.

Archtop guitars

The archtop guitars are a combination of violin-style f-holes, and internal sound-block creates a shimmer that is both acoustic and mellow. Ii is this characteristic of an archtop guitar that makes them the pick of jazz guitarists.

Steel guitars: 

Steel guitars take Hawaii as their cradle. The street musicians in Hawaii who saw guitars for the first time developed their own way of playing things. Their style involved alternative tunings and the use of a slide. So these guitars are usually placed horizontally on a player’s lap.

Resonator Guitars:

The resonator guitars are unique as they do not have the regular sound holes, instead carry a large circular perforated cover plate. They are played either conventionally or with a slide. They are popular among the blues and country musicians.

Bass Guitars: 

Bass guitars are known for their range as they are available with five strings and six strings while the usual ones have only 4 strings. They have comparatively thick strings and long neck.

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