Bass Guitar Tuition

If you are looking for bass guitar tuition then you are in the right place. This website contains lessons and articles on learning bass that you can use for free. I also offer online bass lessons inside my Speedy Bass Club. Inside the member’s area, you will find over 3 hours of step-by-step bass guitar tuition so that you can quickly go from where you are now to where you want to be with your playing.

I have been offering bass guitar tuition online now for 3 years and have helped thousands of people who visit this website every month. To help you get started to check these out:

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Bass Guitar Scales

Those web pages sound help to get you started with the basics of playing bass. Learning the notes of the fretboard is something that you should learn and along with some basic scales, which are a great way to warm up before you start playing. Playing songs is also vital and it’s important not to get caught up into many exercises and scales.

Start out learning some really simple songs and use those to also work on your bass technique and skills. You can then move on to harder songs later once you have the strength and dexterity in your fingers to perform the bass lines.

Another great tip is to break your practice into sections.

I tell my students to split their practice into three segments. First start off with warming up, for this play through a few scales. While you play your scales say the names of the notes out loud or in your head to help you learn the bass fretboard.

The second section I recommend is to learn a bass line or song. It’s a good idea to pick one bass lines and work on it for a week. Use this middle section of your practice to slowly play it note for note and try to get it perfect. Later you can then play it fast at the correct tempo (speed).

For the last part of your practice, I recommend you jam, improvise and be creative. A great way to do this when you are starting out is to put a drum backing track on and then improvise a bass line over it using a scale you know.

I hope this has given you a quick overview of my bass guitar tuition methods and how I like to approach learning bass guitar. For more information on my online bass tuition click here.