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Getting your head around the different bass guitar fretboard notes can be one of the biggest challenges when first starting out. I often get asked what’s the best way to go about learning the bass fretboard.

I find that using a bass guitar fretboard notes diagram is one of the best ways to get started. It allows you to see a visual representation of where the various fretboard notes are located.

Bass Guitar Fretboard Notes

You might also find this bass guitar fretboard notes article useful. It explains in detail how the notes run in a sequence and how by knowing the name of the open strings (E, A, D and G). You can work out the names of any of the other fretboard notes.

Knowing the note names is an important part of learning bass guitar and is often overlooked by many. It’s surprising how many people don’t know the bass guitar fretboard notes as well as they should.

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