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In this how to play funk bass lesson, Bootsy (a famous funk bass player) shares a simple but effective way to play some funk bass lines and grooves.

This video is nice and short and gives you what he calls his “funk formula”. You simply play the root note on the one beat and then play in the gap before the start of the next bar. Check out the video and I’m sure you can pick it up really quickly.

I hope you enjoyed this video and now you know how to play funk the easy way. Playing these kind of of bass licks and grooves sure can be a lot of fun. So why not give it a go?

Funk Bass

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  1. ted0723 says:

    Tom ,i live in SA and i’m a beginner in playing the bass guitar.i play the bass at church,thats if i get the opportunity,and i stay with the bass at home and your lessons help me a lot.i always play basics to avoid getting carried away and getting out of tune.i would really appreciate it if you post some gospel scales and chords so that i can improve on my playing and eventually graduate from just playing basics.thanks

  2. Dobbydane says:

    Hey Tom…Bass playing has been my dream since i was a young kid..and now that i own a electric bass..i have wanted to play and learn more than ever.I just came across your sight and now i think you might give me some pointers to enhance my playing technique…Thanks!